Adaptive Therapy for Autistic Adults

Are you an autistic adult with Level 1 autism?

Are you seeking help with coming to terms with a diagnosis, making sense of your past, or finding helpful ways to deal with workplace, relationship or mental health issues?

Adaptive Therapy for Autistic Adults (ATAA®) is specifically designed to meet the needs of people who have reached adulthood, often with undiagnosed autism, and want support moving forward. ATAA® considers your needs as an autistic person and starts from the point that you process the world differently than most people. If you’ve found that previous therapeutic approaches have lacked the direction you need, or have pushed you to take steps which might be manageable for most people but which have caused you anxiety and distress, you’ll find that ATAA® respects your needs for education, adaptation and acceptance.

As an ATAA® practitioner, I bring my knowledge of autism into our work together. This includes everything from ensuring our sessions respect your sensory needs to communicating in a way that recognises any differences in communication we might face. Ultimately, we’ll work on whatever is important to you and help you discover your unique autistic strengths and talents whilst we do so.  


Can you tell me a bit more about what ATAA® is?

Many people with Level 1 Autism find that their needs are not fully met during therapy. Sometimes, this is for very practical reasons. Sometimes their therapist doesn’t fully understand the impact that autism has on their choices and experiences. As an ATAA® Practitioner, I can help you make links between your experiences and what it means to be an autistic person, and work to ensure that your needs are met during sessions.

I’ve only just realised I’m autistic and I’ve led a pretty full life so far. I’m not looking for some basic approach to manage my autism. Can you help me with the complex issues I’m facing?

ATAA® recognises that adult autistic people face the same problems as anyone else. Whether you’re facing relationship issues, workplace problems, self-esteem issues or anything else, I’ll take your lead and work with you in a way that reflects where you are.

I’m autistic, but I don’t see it as a problem. Can you help me discover my potential?

Absolutely! Whilst many autistic people face challenges in some areas, they have incredible strengths and skills which can help them lead fulfilled and rewarding lives. ATAA® will help you identify your inner resources as you pursue the life you deserve.

I haven’t had great experiences with therapy so far. Is this going to be any different?

The main difference is that I will fully acknowledge your autism as an inherent part of your experience. When I’m helping you explore solutions, we’ll explore together what’s possible whilst acknowledging your needs as an autistic person. Many autistic people have experienced being pushed too far by therapists who feel they should be able to do everything a neurotypical person can. Instead of trying to fit you into a neurotypical box, we’ll create a shape which fits your needs.

How many sessions will I need?

Whilst every client is unique and some may need more or less sessions, it is recommended that you commit to four to six sessions initially with an opportunity for review or ending sessions at this point.

Is ATAA® a completely new therapy?

No. ATAA® is designed to complement existing therapies and allows practitioners to work with their clients with an understanding of autism, building on their existing experience.

If you would like to book an initial conversation by phone, video, text or email, please click below to get in touch. There is no fee for this conversation – we will talk about what you’re looking for and how I can help.