Four intersecting ways of working



My approach to psychotherapy is called integrative, meaning that it integrates a variety of tools from many trainings I have undertaken over the past twenty years. My work is informed by a wide range of theorists and the hundreds of individuals I have had the honour of accompanying through times of struggle.

Drama & Movement Therapy

Dramatherapy, and drama and movement therapy use the art forms to explore less conscious aspects of our experience. When applied for the intentional purpose of healing, drama and movement can gently bypass the adult ego to get to transform the root causes of suffering, not just the symptoms. The approach I practice uses the archetypal aspects of myths and fairytales, and we work with stories and symbols through the body and via any means of artistic expression, depending on the client.

Soma Sankalpa

Soma Sankalpa is a unique, evidence-informed approach I developed to integrate intention into the body using movement, through the creation and practice of individual ‘movement phrases’. Practiced regularly, or in-the-moment, it helps you to move through strong feelings, like anxiety, overwhelm or any triggering situation. It can demonstrably change patterns of thought or behaviour by aligning physical movement with consciously stated intention.

Targeted Anxiety Package

This is a brief, targeted alternative to ongoing therapy wherein the focus is specifically on your anxiety – the causes, the symptoms, and evidence-based practical tools. You do not need to sign up for all six sessions unless you choose to. You will learn ways to disrupt your cycles of anxiety, alongside having the opportunity to gain new insights about underlying issues.

CLIENT Testimonials

Anna is a wonderful therapist – very warm, but she can also be direct. When there was something I didn’t want to see about myself, she was patient and I never felt judged or like she had all the answers. She’s supportive in a way that helped me to figure out what I needed to do.

I worked with Anna during a horrible time in my life and it wasn’t long before the clouds lifted and I could see things from a different perspective.

I learned so much from working with Anna. She made me feel safe straight away, and like it was ok to look at things from the past that I’ve been keeping locked inside for a long time.

I’d never had therapy before so I didn’t know what to expect, but Anna explained the process in a way that made sense and offered different options for how we could work together. I liked the creative tools she uses – some of them have become a part of my own reflective practice now.

If you would like to know more about any of the services above before committing, I offer a free 30 minute call