Targeted Anxiety Package

Online Sessions

Six-Session Package for Relieving Anxiety

Schedule in advance or as you go

50 minutes per session

State of mind is everything.

If you’re a person who habitually experiences anxiety, you’ll notice that it can impact every area of your life. Anxiety is like whack-a-mole: sort one thing out and another pops up.

I created this package as an alternative to ongoing therapy, for people who are motivated to change their relationship with anxiety.

As it’s intended to act as a reset, the package starts and ends with an anxiety scoring, to see what progress you have made.

Tasks are set between sessions and although these are optional, they will help to deepen your learning and to make changes that can be sustained in the long term.

What You’ll Learn:

– Specific evidence-based tools to manage and reduce your anxiety
– Identify underlying causes and triggers
– Disrupt cycles of anxiety to build healthier patterns

Anxious about committing to six sessions?

– You can pay as you go or purchase all six sessions as a package
– Decide before or after your first session
– If you decide to purchase the package after the first session, you can still access the 50% reduced rate

Why is it set at six sessions?

– Each session can be stand-alone, so you will learn from every one you attend
– Six sessions is enough to take on and embed plenty of techniques to shift your anxiety patterns
– Over a period of six weeks (or how ever you choose to distribute the sessions) you have time to understand more about your anxiety and to observe positive changes

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Single purchase sessions: £40

Package of six 50-minute sessions: £120