Recommended Practitioners

Most if not all of these practitioners also work online

Recommended Practitioners:

Muriel BauerMuriel Bauer: Psychotherapist and life coach in London, U.K.

Kalanit Ben-Ari

Kalanit Ben-Ari: Couples and family therapist in North London, U.K.

Bruce Guthrie

Bruce Guthrie: Dramatherapist, Supervisor, and Counsellor in Bath, U.K.

Wendy Hammond

Wendy Hammond: Psychotherapist and coach in New York, U.S. and online.

Simon Howes

Simon Howes: Psychotherapist and counsellor in Northampton, U.K.

Deborah Newcombe

Deborah Newcombe: Psychotherapist and couples counsellor in Southend, U.K.


Andrea NundyDance Movement Psychotherapist in Prague, Czech Republic.


Marcie Shaoul: Life Coach specialising in co-parenting following divorce, in London, U.K.

Kimberley Wilson

Kimberley Wilson: Chartered psychologist specialising in nutritional neuroscience in a counselling setting, in London, U.K.

Max ZoettlMax Zoetll: Consultant psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Canterbury and Central London, U.K.


Recommended Practices:

9696 Harley Street is a London U.K. practice of medical consultants and allied healthcare professionals who work across a broad range of treatment areas.

Logo_DarkBG-01The Farringdon Practice was set up in the City of London, U.K. with the express intent of offering highly experienced psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, psychologists and counsellors to a wide range of society.