3 Eye-Opening Online Workshops

Brief live-streaming psychoeducation workshops





Anxiety Hacks

Welcome to the world of anxiety! Now more than ever, this is a very common feeling – you’re not alone! The session provides insights into why anxiety happens including our physiological response. What is anxiety? Why does it happen? What can we do to help manage our anxiety when it hits?

Drop by to gain helpful tips and tricks for moving through feelings of anxiety, whatever the cause. There is no pressure to have cameras or microphones on, with all of those either experiencing feelings of anxiety or interested in learning more about anxiety welcome to join.

Mondays 12.30-1pm GMT via Zoom, fee £10

Perfectly Imperfect: Surviving Perfectionism

This is a session for anyone who’s tired of trying too hard to be perfect or whose perfectionist expectations of others are getting in the way of healthy, enjoyable relationships.

Find out the causes and signs of perfectionism, and learn how to reframe the part of you that insists nothing is ever good enough until it’s perfect.

Alternate Mondays 1.15-1.45pm GMT via Zoom, fee £10

How to Fight Better

Conflict is a healthy and necessary part of being human, and if conducted with awareness and skill can lead to deeper, more rewarding relationships.

This is a session for people at both ends of the conflict spectrum: those who avoid it at all costs, and those who find themselves in arguments a lot, without totally understanding why, or being convinced that it’s everyone else’s fault.

Find out about the source of that charge which makes you want to avoid or attack, and ways to stay clear-headed when confronted with conflict.

Alternate Mondays 1.15-1.45pm GMT via Zoom, fee £10

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